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Spanish Argentina UNILANGUAGE ARGENTINA is a SPANISH SCHOOL - We are pleased to offer you our courses of Spanish Language for Foreigners in Argentina. Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Tucuman. (Spanish in Argentina) You can combine your Spanish classes in Tucuman. Teaching method, levels, all materials, books and the teaching quality are the same at all our locations. We always guarantee the best service. You can take our Spanish language programs starting any day , throughout the whole year. The volunteer opportunities are important for the foreign visitor studying Spanish who has perhaps not yet mastered the whole language, and are ideal for honing comunication skills in an environment where the student has to communicate. Our Spanish school in Argentina is ideally located in Tucuman. Upscale but traditional neighborhood, close to downtown Buenos Aires but also near quiet parks. Learn Spanish in a building with 12 classrooms plus common areas, including a rooftop patio for asados (barbeque). Wireless internet for your laptop or PDA. After class, you will enjoy that we are close to many bars and restaurants.It is a social practice that develops through an active participation in a specific chosen program to which the volunteer will devote himself. Since not everybody has the necessary skills to carry on a volunteer work, it is important to bear in mind what is expected of someone who agrees to undertade this ventu. that he has evaluated what is expected of him. Prominent differences between dialects of Spanish include the distinction or lack thereof between or. The maintenance of the distinction, known in Spanish as distinción or by the neologism ceseo, is characteristic of the Spanish spoken in northern and central Spain. Most dialects of Latin America and Southern Spain lack this distinction, and have merged the two sounds into /s/, a feature called seseo in Spanish dialectology. Dialects with seseo will pronounce the words casa ("house") and caza ("hunt") as homophones, whereas dialects with distinción will pronounce them differently (as [kasa] and [ka?a], respectively). In some parts of Andalusia, the two sounds have merged, but into sounds [?]; these dialects are said to have ceceo. Pronunciation: One of the main differences is that many Spaniards often pronounce the z and the c before i or e like the "th" in "thin," while many Latin Americans pronounce it the same as the s. Also, speakers in some areas (Argentina in particular) often pronounce the ll and y like the "s" in "measure." In some areas, you will hear speakers drop s sounds, so está sounds like etá. In some areas, the j sounds like the "ch" in "loch" (difficult for many native English speakers to master), while in others it sounds like the English "h." In some areas, the l and the r at the end of a word sound alike. If you listen to a variety of spoken Spanish, you'll notice other differences as well, particularly in the rhythm in which it is spoken. Vocabulary: Other than slang, probably the biggest class of vocabulary differences you'll come across is in the use of suffixes. A lápiz is a pencil or crayon everywhere, but a lapicero is a pencil holder in some areas, a mechanical pencil in others, and a ball-point pen in still others. There are also fair number of blatant differences, such as a computer being an ordenador in Spain but a computadora in Latin America, but they are probably no more common than the British-American differences.

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