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  Intercultural programs abroad which enable you to know our culture and country in depth. Spanish courses in Argentina, (spanish school argentina) Our website features all the information you need to know about the programs we offer. Our country, due to its history, inhabitants and varied landscapes, has become an attractive target for work-and-study abroad programs and Unilanguage has always fulfilled our participants’ expectations. Spanish language in Argentina, Internships abroad in Argentina, Study abroad Argentina, Volunteer work in Tucuman. Spanish Immersion Courses located in Argentina, Tucuman, Latin America. Learn Spanish in our Spanish Language Immersion School with accommodation. offer (spanish school argentina) total immersion options, with courses in Buenos Aires, Mendoza or Patagonia. Learn Spanish in South America with our expert Argentina Spanish school professionals - study abroad in South America with us today! Our institution was created to give people the possibility to learn or improve the Spanish language in a very professional and friendly atmosphere, to become part – for some time – of a team of generous and self given volunteers working in underprivileged areas, or among craftsmen from a city in the mountains who have inherited artistic techniques from their ancestors in the north of our country. spanish school argentina

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