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TEFL jobs in Spain

TEFL - What to consider for its preparation TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the certificate that allows you to teach English to students with other native languages in non-English speaking countries. These degrees are obtained after passing 120-hour courses in which the student is instructed in the techniques necessary to teach. Today these teachings can be done by attending specialized centers. This is because they include training sections that must be done in the classroom.TEFL jobs in Spain. There are two TEFL titles that are the most demanded: the Trinity CertTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English or Speakers of Other Languages) and CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). The first is created by Trinity College London while the second belongs to the University of Cambridge. Both have the same recognition by the British Council and international companies. TEFLs represent a job opportunity even for those who have not considered teaching as a way of life. Strong migratory movements make English teachers increasingly in demand by foreigners eager to obtain the means to compete in the demanding labor market. However, it is necessary to take into account that, even obtaining the degree, most centers usually prefer native teachers when hiring. A reality that does not prevent the obtaining of this degree as a means to work independently or simply as a point to highlight in the curriculum of an aspiring educator abroad. Being admitted to take the TEFL courses (TEFL Madrid Academy)is not something that can be achieved just by having the money to pay for it. There are three basic requirements to meet: -Being over 18 years. -Have passed compulsory education. - Have an accredited C1 degree within the European reference framework.

TEFL courses

As usual, the popularity of TEFLs has caused a large number of academies and centers to get into the car by adding these courses as part of their offer. This makes a great variety exist, but still, I will try to offer you a small selection of those that may be the most recommended. These are those whose TEFL certificates are Trinity CertTESOL or CELTA, which are the best valued in the world.  Cambridge English: Obviously the official bodies usually provide the means and information necessary to be able to opt for their courses and Cambridge could not skip that category. Its CELTA courses offer different flexibility options between full-time (courses of 4 to 5 weeks), part-time (ranging from a few months to a year) and online (in which individual study is combined with teaching practice). Once the desired option is chosen, it is only necessary to choose it and specify the country and city where you want to study. This will open the list of accredited centers in that region with their respective link to their home page and other data series that will facilitate contact, information and means to request enrollment. All this can easily be found on the Cambridge website by entering the teach in English section and then selecting CELTA. The dates usually follow the usual scheme of an academic year starting between September and October. The prices usually vary according to the center, but can exceed 1,000 euros; which is a high cost justified only in the prestige of the title.    Trinity College: Again, the official pages are the best source of information. Entering the CertTESOL section, we find the necessary data to better understand the operation of this study program that can reach 130 hours. However, in the TESOL / TEFL section you will find a hyperlink in the text that says TESOL course providers. Through it you can download a comprehensive list of centers that offer recognized courses, including those in Spain, with all the necessary information to contact. An example would be oxfordtfl, whose standard price in Barcelona is around 1,500 euros. This price usually includes both the course and the materials required by it. Enviar comentarios Historial Guardadas Comunidad.