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Neighbourhood Nueva Esperanza Program


This neighbourhood is located on the outskirts of Tucuman. It was built 30 years ago with the money donated by a lady of high society from this capital city. Elvira Martinez Zavalia, together with her seven children agreed to sell jewellery and unnecessary and valuable things they had at home and give the money that was collected to have houses built for the poor.Time went by and the neighbourhood started to have the social problems which are characterised by the low income areas. This became worse with the political, social and economic crisis which Tucuman suffered.

Several months ago,years after Elvira died, a group of people who had also collaborated with her in her undertaking, decided to take up her work once again and start community work in the neighbourhood giving birth to several short and long term programmes. There are various and numerous needs, and the volunteer can join any of the existing projects or start others determined by his/her creativity according to the detected problems.

The following are some of the fields of interest which the volunteer can join:

1. Survey and research of under-nourishment in the area.

2. Survey to detect the number of children under 9 who canít read or write.

3. School help for students in different subjects.

4. Workshops to help solve the problem of alcoholism and drug addiction.

5. Other workshops: fine arts, painting, dancing, gym, theatre, sports (as a means of attracting people to the community centre).

6. Talks about human ethics.

7. Talks about the environment (this is very important since the neighbourhood is built on a rubbish dump)

8. Talks for mothers about child care: how to feed their children in an appropriate way, nutriciuos food, house economics and looking after your home.

9. Health care.

10. How to start a small entrepreneurial activity.