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Aurora School Program


Arts and Crafts School “Aurora de un Mundo Nuevo”-Dawn of a New World

“Aurora” School, in the city of Santa María in the province of Catamarca, located in the mountains, offers the career: TECHNICIAN IN VISUAL ARTS IN CERAMICS, LOOMS AND ARTISTIC METALWORK, for people in the área, craftsmen and those who are interested in general, many of whom have inherited the skills and techniques of their indigenous ancestors.

This school was formed in order to rescue and formalize local ancient Indian culture, and due to its characteristics , is considered to be the first in Argentina and the second in Latin America .

Its main goal is to educate comprehensively the people, but training them in view of their own ancient culture, where by the students, with the development of the arts and crafts will be able to generate answers to production, business, touristic and cultural needs.

During weekends they carry out educational activities in the isolated mountain communities giving different courses such as drawing, painting, metal arts, ceramics, looms and workshops for children.

The school also supports the pre-cooperative groups that were formed with students that graduated from the school: “Armonía” workshop, “Alas de Colibrí” workshop, “Manos Vallistas” workshop, “Tinku Kamayu” workshop.( all described below)

Aurora is known for being an important research center of Pre-colombian culture in the Argentine northweastern area at national and international levels. The main characteristic of the school is that throughout the years, its teachers and members have developed “a reciprocity pedagogy” in which everybody is enriched by this continuous mutual exchange.

It receives many local and foreign visitors and it is a meeting point for specialists in Fine Arts and Humanities who want to investigate the roots of ancient cultures of America.

Volunteers can participate in all the activities of the school either dictating or attending courses that can favour teaching, cultural, human or production activity such as business administration, art, etc, or learning about indigenous culture or loom wearing. They can also join the above mentioned team that works in isolated and distant places in the mountains carrying out different social work activities.

Pre co-operative enterprises born in this school

These are small production enterprises made up of craftsmen and students who have graduated from the school, and although all the Production Workshops are at a different stage of development they have a common spirit. They were born to provide a source of income in an area with a high degree of unemployment such as the province of Catamarca and their  only and initial capital is “the human capital”, their talents and good will.

The Workshops aim to be a revival of traditional arts and crafts, rescuing the ancient artistic techniques typical of the area, the only condition being that the workers are guided by a spirit of community and reciprosity.

a)    WORKSHOP “ARMONIA”: they manufacture clothes and articles made in looms (ecological)

b)     WORKSHOP “ALAS DE COLIBRI”: Handcrafts made in metal (silver and bronze), wood, and “bijouteri” with indigenous engravings

c)   WORKSHOP “MANOS VALLISTAS” : Production of pottery in red and black ceramics with indigenous techniques

d)  WORKSHOP “TINKU KAMAYU”: weaving llama and sheep wool, which make products such as blankets and different articles made with this wool

All these workshops are open to anyone who would like to share some time with them. However, the voluntary work should result in a concrete contribution to the production so that, for obvious reasons, sales will not decrease.