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Volunteering Projects


There are several totally different projects that cover all the volunteers’ expectations and in which they can participate either combining both, or in an individual one.  

1) Arts and Crafts School “Aurora de un Mundo Nuevo”-Dawn of a New World 

This possibility involves participating in the activities of a school which was created for craftsmen and people in and from the surrounding community of the city of Santa María in the province of Catamarca located in the mountains.

2) Neighbourhood "Nueva Esperanza”- New Hope-

This is a poor neighbourhood in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, where different community support activities are held.

Below we describe in detail the places and projects that are taking place at present as well as a brief history of their origin. In every case you can choose programs that are already being developed, or start others according to the creativity of the participant, depending on the local situation.