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Why here?

Why Argentina?

Some decades ago Argentina, as opposed to many Latin American countries, was characterized by having a large middle class with easy access to health and education. However, in the last few years our country as a consequence of erroneous policies and corruption, has suffered several economic crises that have deteriorated the quality of life the population.

This long process of socioeconomic damage reached its peak in 2001 when a severe crisis led the whole country be on the verge of social, economic and institutional disintegration.

This structural crisis from which Argentina is slowly recovering, has generated a large sector of deprived people (a great number of inhabitants with unsatisfied basic needs, undernourishment, and a high unemployment rate) as well as a deterioration of the health and public school systems.
In view of the absence of the State in the development of adequate social policies, Non Government Organizations have tried to help find a solution through projects related to health, education, social support and others.

Why Tucuman?

In the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, many  NGO social organizations have evolved and these projects are being sponsored by national and international foundations. The projects tackle different aspects of our society:

· Health (Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Early   Stimulation, Disabilities, etc)

· Education (For children, adults, Special Education, etc.)

· Citizenship and Human Rights. (Children´s rights, Women´s rights, Promotion of social movements, etc)

· Environmental care (Building of ecologic houses, Preservation of Natural resources, etc)

· Revival of indigenous cultures and their artistic legacy.