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Social Volunteering

UNILANGUAGE is associated with organizations helping with different aspects of social problems in order that Volunteers can join different programmes and projects already functioning, working and interacting with local volunteers.

These projects have as a fundamental objective an enriching experience for both parties, where the volunteer as well as local people experience and share values, culture and character. The volunteer opportunities are important for the foreign visitor studying Spanish who has perhaps not yet mastered the whole language, and are ideal for perfecting comunication skills in an environment where the student has to communicate. Furthermore they are the ideal complement to complete their Argentine experience. 

What do we understand by volunteer work?

 “Man, created to the image of God, finds his identity in love, in sharing. This urge dwells in the deepest of his being,whether he may have faith or not”.     Chiara Lubich

A volunteer can be defined as a person who commits himself, of his own free will and not wanting any personal gain in an organized activity to serve the community.It is a social practice that develops through an active participation in a specific chosen program to which the volunteer will devote himself. 

What is needed on the side of the volunteer?

Since not everybody has the necessary skills to carry out a volunteer work, it is important to bear in mind what is expected of someone who agrees to undertake this venture. The volunteer is conscious of the fact that he has evaluated what is expected of him.

- A reflexive decision

- A work methodology

- Social responsibility and commitment to the job.

- Perseverance and continuity in the alloted time

- Contribution to the welfare of the community in the way in which he/she is needed

- Achievment of the theoretic-practical knowledge of a complex reality

- Acquisition of a reward in terms of experience and personal gratification

- An Understanding of diversity from diversity itself.


What does UNILANGUAGE offer to the volunteer?

UNILANGUAGE was born to serve and to be the link between  volunteers and the community where they are going to work. Our contact with the projects does not end at the time in which the candidates work there.They already exist before they arrive and will go on existing after they leave. This ensures that we are committed to providing solid, ongoing and long term solutions for the needy, given that we continually rely on hands ready to contribute.

That is why we assure volunteers:

- Immediate insertion in a serious project that fulfills great needs.

- Security and support by means of a responsible coordinator throughout the duration of the stay.

- Orientation at arrival to ensure a fast adaption to local customs, culture and the work to be done.

- The possibility of learning Spanish to be able to communicate,make friends and interact, and work with effectiveness, with the corresponding Study Certificate.

- Carefully selected accomodation according to the chosen option.

- An NGO certificate backing the work and contribution to the community

Who can participate?

This experience is directed not only to young people but also to adults and families who are interested in the social problems of South America and Argentina. UNILANGUAGE offers a wide range of activities and the requirements varying accordingly.