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Non student and Social Activities

During the week, the students have the opportunity to combine intensive Spanish courses or volunteer work with a great variety of other activities or work that takes place in the city or the surrounding countryside.

It is also possible for students who are interested, to take tango, folklore, salsa or other dance classes, as well as a variety of other options such as gym classes for example fight do, etc. Besides these activities, the student could go to music shows or the theatre.

At the weekend, students have the opportunity to rest, go out, socialize and enjoy the city of Tucuman and its surroundings by going on different excursions. UNILANGUAGE has access to a lot of touristic information as well as the resources to organise trips, such as the following activities:


*interviews/meetings with professionals, artists, customers, teachers or other people that the students want to connect with.

*Shopping in the city.

* Visits to different museums and historical places in the city of Tucuman.

*Outings to different places to see the characteristic regional architecture.

*Visits to artistic shows and cultural events.

*Visits to the Jesuit ruins: Lules, Tafi del Valle (in the mountains) through the amazing "Senda de Tafi".

*Visits to the Fair of Simoca (famous for its sulkys, and delicious empanadas and red wine)

*Visits to Termas de Rio Hondo ( with a variety of hotels with hot springs).

*Visits to the ruins of the indigenous City of the Quilmes Indian with their archaeological museums.

*Visits to Cafayate (a small town in the mountains with wineries for wine tasting.)

*Visits to regions of Salta and Purmamarca on border of Bolivia, where the coyas can still be seen

*Celebration of the indigenous festival La Pacha Mama (mother earth)

*Open air Activities: cavalcading, trekking, polo, pato, mountainbiking, rafting, rugby, football, basketball.