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Registration Process

For registration:

fax: 0054 381 4239461 , or email: admin@unilanguage com ar

If you wish you can use our registration form, which can be downloaded from here. (download registration form). Complete and send it via email.

General Conditions


Unilanguage will only be liable to provide groups and/or individuals with the programme agreed in writing with its agent/client


Payment in full in dollars must reach our account 20 days prior to arrival. Services will only be provided when payment is received.


All prices are gross unless otherwise stated. Unilanguage reserves the right to alter rates should economic trends or government increases make this necessary.

Booking Deposits

A deposit of U$D 500 per person is required on booking. Bookings must be made in writing and must be accompanied by special requests or other information relevant to the student's stay. Bookings can only be secured by payment of the above deposit. This will not be refunded if cancellation occurs within 28 days of arrival.


Under no circumstances will the company refund, either partially or fully, any course fees once the student has commenced their contracted course of study.

Cancellation of Programmes

Unilanguage reserves the right to cancel arrangements if the booking conditions are not met.


Before arrival in Tucuman, all persons participating in Unilanguage programmes must arrange their own insurance against all expenses that might arise due to accident, illness or loss of luggage, personal effects and money. Providers of activities such as horse-riding, cycling etc. insist that minors have an insurance waiver signed by their parent, guardian or group leader before commencement of such activities.

Health Problems

Unilanguage must be advised of any health problems relating to programme participants.


Programme participants are liable for any damage caused by them and payment for such damage must be made immediately.


Additional Information

-Upon registration you will receive all the necessary information before arrival.
-Any changes in bookings or cancellations must be immediately reported to UNILANGUAGE.
-All booking money transfers or banking expenses must be paid by the participant  
-Once the programme has started the participant is not entitled to any monetary refunds. We can reschedule Spanish lessons or accomodation at a future date with no additional costs.
-If you wish to extend your programme, tell us as soon as posible. It is important to reorganize our services
-The price of the programmes does not include any insurance. You should bring your own health insurance
-Accomodation costs include electricity, water, gas and local taxes.