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All accommodation options have been carefully selected by a team specialized in attending to the needs of foreign students.

Staying with an Argentine host family

We believe that the option of living with a family is the best way to achieve total linguistic and cultural immersion; however  this alternative involves some flexibility and getting used to local customs and the Argentinian lifestyle.

Host families have been rigorously selected, and UNILANGUAGE provides an ongoing support and guidance in order to avoid any inconvenience during the studentís stay. The families are middle class, whose homes are near the school, or with easy access to the school by public transport.

The students have their own room, and they share the rest of the house with the family members. Two meals are included daily, usually breakfast and dinner, but the students can also buy food to cook their own meals.


Accommodation in individual apartments sharing the bathroom and the kitchen is an option for those who want to be more independent. Here the room can be single or double and half board or self catering.

Youth Hostels

If what you are looking for is the possibility of spending time with other people, most of whom are Argentinian, the best option is a youth hostel, which has shared rooms and bathrooms  or a private room. This option includes a bar, room service and access to a kitchen to cook your own food.