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What about the money?


The following prices refer to conventional courses. Group lessons do not exceed six students.

Special longer or shorter couses (example Immersion Courses) are tailored to the student’s needs with an agreed price  according to type and duration


   Duration (weeks)

Duration per          month (hours)

  Price u$d

 Individual Lessons


  1 hour

  U$D 20

 Group Lessons

  1 week

  20 hours.

  U$D 220


  1 week

  10 hours.

  U$D 110


  4 weeks

  80 hours.

  U$D 880


  4 weeks

  40 hours.

  U$D 440 


Host Family: 

-Single Room, breakfast and dinner: ranging from USD 170 per week (7 nights).-
-Single Room, no meals: ranging from USD 120 per week per person (7 nights).-

Youth Hostels :

Price 17 USD per day.

Apartments :

Ask for prices.