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The School and the courses

The School

The success of UNILANGUAGE lies in the fact that our school is not a very large school: it dedicates itself to warm and personalized attention in which the student finds rapid answers to his needs. This is why our courses are tailor-made according to each student.

Since one of our principal goals is to help the student acquire communication skills in the desired field in the least possible time, the syllabus is organized according to each student’s particular pace, and where necessary, the content and order is changed. In view of this, learning is constantly monitored, and redirected when required.

Our courses are based on interaction with the local environment. In this “immersion plan”, if you want to focus on a specific area of the language or society, albeit professional, commercial, sports or culture, UNILANGUAGE will make the necessary contacts with institutions or specialists in that particular field.

The school is located in the centre of the city, the financial area, only five blocks away from the main square, the Plaza Independencia with its historical centre.

Every week, we determine different alternative programmes as a complement to the “non classroom” learning. These include salsa, tango or folklore classes, sports, gym, theatre, local festivals, museums, or guided visits to historical or characteristic places of northern Argentinian culture.

Characteristics of the Courses

The Spanish courses in UNILANGUAGE are specifically designed for foreigners. Our vast experience in this area has formed the basis on which we have elaborated a clear, practical and interactional progamme based on improving all communication skills, through which the student will develop in the shortest space of time the four main skills in any language : reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

Our Spanish courses are intensive training courses. As they are organized in levels, they are planned not only for the student who wants a beginners approach to the language, but also for professionals, teachers or students who want to improve their linguistic competence.

The academic program is complemented by learning outside the classroom: excursions, outings, and various other activities where the students have the chance to continue practicing the language whilst undertaking different communicative situations. 

Trainers - Professionals

In a friendly atmosphere, essential for the effective assimilation of a foreign language, the courses are taught by an experienced team of young professionals with specialist qualifications in the required areas and with a great ability to build relationships with each and every one of the students. These teachers are directed and audited by a co-ordinator who is in charge of the organization, monitoring and schedule of activities to ensure maximum progress.

All of our teachers are Argentinian, Spanish being their mother tongue. They are specialized university graduates, and it is important to stress their high level of cultural knowledge, which allows them to have an excellent interaction with the students. As well as this, most of our teachers have travelled to other countries, and they are therefore in a position to understand the particular needs that arise from cultural diversity. 

Range of Courses

The courses are divided into different categories: Standard, Intensive, Immersion, Spanish for Specific Purposes, and Individual,  depending on the student’s needs.

The students are placed in the appropriate course according to their previous knowledge of the language. The different levels of learning are: Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Before starting the course, the student will be evaluated through an interview and an exam in which his or her level and specific needs are analysed and determined, thus allowing his or her placement  in the corresponding course.

Courses Profile

* 10 or 20 lessons per week of one hour each, Monday to Friday.

* Small Group classes

* Initial test to determine the level of the student

* Fortnightly Evaluation Test

* Weekly individual meeting with the course tutor for monitoring

* Final examination, Certification and Report

* Social activities

* After class activities: workshops, guided visits and special programs (optional)

* Airport Transfers one/two way (optional)

* Accommodation with host families, or an individual or shared apartment, hostel (optional)

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