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The World Speaks Spanish

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages across the world, it is the official language of many countries and the second language in several others such as the USA. There is no doubt whether it is necessary to learn it at present: it is clear that it will open the doors of the world for you.

1.      Spanish is the language of 350 million people across the world, it is the second  in international importance, the official language of 21 countries and one of the official languages of the European Union, UNESCO, GATT, MERCOSUR and many other international organizations.

2.      Spanish is frequently used in business therefore if you can speak and understand it you will improve your job opportunities. Nowadays, most companies prefer employees who know Spanish, because this skill will allow them to communicate directly with clients.

3.      Learning Spanish provides a perception and deeper knowledge of latin culture as well as of those areas in which this language plays a vital role; in its history, customs and economic life.

4.      Learning Spanish means diving into a language that has a long cultural tradition and promising future. It allows us to enter the world of contemporary and classical Spaniards and Latin Americans such as Cervantes, Jorge Luis Borges, Alfonsina Storni, Adolfo Becquer, Picasso, Diego Velazques, Antonio Gaudi and film directors such as Carlos Saura and Pedro Almodovar.

5.      Spanish is not difficult to learn as it has the same roots as other languages. Also,  conquerors from other lands have left traces of their own native tongues in the local Spanish language.

In your everyday life whether you are travelling, working or surfing the internet, knowing Spanish will offer you many new opportunities.

Why study Spanish in Argentina, in Tucuman and in UNILANGUAGE

Because in Argentina Spanish is the mother tongue of the whole population, as opposed to other countries such as Spain, where various languages coexist, or in other countries in Latin America, where you can find a strong presence of indigenous languages and dialects.

Because the Spanish spoken here is very rich. This region is well known as a  cultural centre, and because Tucumán has and also has had a prominent participation in Argentine history: the independence of the nation was declared here.

Tucuman - Independence ArgentinaBecause Tucumán is located on the ancient Incan road to Alto Peru- it is an important centre for business, tourism and culture.

Because only a few minutes from the city centre are endless landscapes of great beauty, which allow numerous sport and leisure activities such as polo, hang gliding, rafting, trekking and mountainbiking.

Because Tucuman is characterised by its cultural atmosphere, It is an important University city, where you can study almost anything.

Due to its location Tucuman offers easy and economical access to different points of interest within Argentina and including surrounding countries (Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil)

Tucuman - Villa NouguesBecause here you can visit various and original touristic and cultural sites, such as the Jesuits Ruins, Ruins of the indigenous people of Quilmes, famous towns with hot springs which have medicinal properties such as Termas de Rio Hondo, as well as important citrus plantations and factories, mines, sugar factories and wineries where excellent northern wines are produced. 

Because this is a region where people are particularly warm and welcoming and open their doors to foreigners as if they were family.

Because UNILANGUAGE has specialised in Spanish Courses for Foreigners, one of our main objectives is to provide a warm and welcoming style of education in a personalized way with effective high quality professional teaching ensuring rapid learning.

Because UNILANGUAGE tailors its courses according to the student’s needs and offers the opportunity of combining “traditional learning” through up to date lessons in the classroom alongside full immersion in Argentine culture, this allows the participant to acquire the necessary skills to communicate effectively in Spanish in the shortest space of time.