Spanish for Foreigners

Volunteer Work in Argentina

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Our Original Programmes are unique in Argentina.
Spanish for Foreigners

Undoubtedly the Spanish language is the second most important international language, it is widely spoken and frequently used in business and tourism. It will open many doors to the rest of the world, and it will improve your job opportunities.

The best way of learning a “living” language is through a cultural and “living” experience. UNILANGUAGE has been a national leader for more than 10 years in teaching Spanish for foreigners, and our fully comprehensive study programmes, personalized and designed to meet each student’s needs are combined with recreational and cultural options which extend the methods of learning throughout the whole course.

Volunteer Social

 As human beings we have a common language, although we may express it in a different way. We learn to speak this language when we enter another personís world. Itís only there that we can discover his or her originality and he or she can discover ours, which can become a source of richness for both people.

UNILANGUAGE makes this experience of sharing a possibility. It is here that you will find the environment and space you need in order to achieve your goals.