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Origami: What Is It And How To Start?

Origami is a fun and relaxing hobby that produces beautiful pieces of folded artwork. If you’re interested in starting out on an origami adventure, you’ve arrived at the right place!

Origami Origins


Origami is the artistic practice of paper folding, which originated in Japan. The term origami can be translated from Japanese as folding (ori) paper (kami), although unique traditions have historically been found across Europe and Asia.


In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Japanese culture – including origami – began to spread around the world. It has since become a beloved pastime for millions of people across the globe. Even in today’s hyper-connected world, the simple art of paper folding remains a popular hobby.


Origami covers everything from simple designs to complex, elaborate structures and amazing designs. It’s very easy to get into, with just a few pieces of paper and some simple instructions, and it’s a wonderful activity to do with children.

How Can I Get Started with Origami?


The Iconic Origami Boat


It’s easy to begin your origami adventure! One of the most popular novice projects is the origami boat. You will need one piece of paper to complete this task and this project takes less than five minutes.


The Adorable Origami Puppy Face


Another fun and simple project – one that is very popular with children – is the origami puppy face. One piece of square-shaped paper is needed, and it’ll take around 10 minutes to complete. Here are the step-by-step instructions:


1. Take your piece of paper and turn it 90˚, so that it’s a diamond shape.

2. Fold the paper in half, then in half again.

3. Unfold once so you have a triangle that’s half the size of the original diamond.

4. Take the right outer corner and fold down so that it overhangs just slightly – like a puppy’s ear! Repeat on the left side.

5. Take one layer of the bottom point of the triangle – about an inch in width – and fold behind. Take the other layer and fold up.

6. On the front of the puppy face, fold the lifted lower point in half so that it creates the shape of a puppy’s nose.

7. On the back, fold the lifted point down so that it overhangs; the fold needs to be about a quarter of the way down. Then, fold the very tip back up.

8. Very carefully, fold over the left and right edges of the fold, then pull from behind each fold to release small triangular points. This will be the puppy’s tongue!

9. Finally, flip the paper back over, colour in the nose section, add a couple of eyes, and you have an adorable origami pup!

Where Can I Learn More about Origami?


There are lots of places for you to explore origami patterns and designs. Online, you can check out Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, dedicated blogs for instructions, and YouTube for step-by-step video guides. Analogue resources include books and magazines, which can be found in bookstores, newsagents, and libraries.


Now that you know the essentials of origami, it’s time to get started on your first project! Which will you choose?


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